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Grain Elevator Design Services in State Center, Iowa

Increase the efficiency of your operation with services from AG Design in State Center, Iowa. The owner works closely with you to create custom-designed Commercial, or Farm Layout that makes your location run smoothly. For your convenience, you can either have new structures designed, or the existing structure can be redesigned to meet the changing needs of your business. Contact AG Design to review past Commercial or Farm layout designs, so you can choose the features that best suit your business. 

10K BPH Double Inlet 18 Duct Rotary Distributor.  Feed by Both House Legs.  Main House Leg Has Option to Clean its Grain with 11,500BPH Gravity Screener.

Distributor Allows for Both Legs to Flow into 1 Oversized Spout, or too Indivdual Locations

10K BPH Receiving Leg to Feed a Dual Inlet 14" 8 Duct Swingset Distributor.  5K BPH Dry Leg to Feed into a 5500BPH Grain Gravity Screener, or Bypass to the Dual Inlet Swingset Distributor. 

Distributor Allows for Both Legs to Flow into 1 Oversize Spout, or too Individual Locations.


60K BPH dual Rail Scale, can Feed either track at same time.  60K BPH Rail Leg Feed by Two 35K BPH Reclaims from either bin direction.  Also can be Feed Direct by 20K BPH Receiving Leg.  4-60 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 266,755 Bushel Capacity 40K BPH ORGANIC Rail Scale, Feed by Est. 300,000 Bushel Overhead Concrete Silo.  Silo Fill Leg has options to Feed either 8-36 Dia Hopper Tanks (58,337 Bushels Each) or the Surge Silo.  Two Receiving Pits with Two Rotary Cleaners



Double Dump-20K BPH Receiving Pit, with an Est. 1955 Bushel holding.  20K BPH Bypass Inlet with a Small Incline to Feed IC Conveyor, to Feed 20K BPH Receiving Leg.    (Conctete Sectioned Away for Visability)

"L" Pit Allows for a Shallow Concrete Hole from Depths 4' and Lower to Increase Bushel Holding Capacity

A Double Dump 10k BPH Gravity Receiving Pit, 8'x24' (actual grain dump), with an Est. 1100 Bushel holding Capacity.  Gravity feed into 10K BPH IC Pit Conveyor.  5K Bushel Overhead Tank Cast into Pit Walls (Concrete Sectioned Away for Visability)

Gravity Pits Allows for Less Equipment, but Deeper Inground Concrete.

Model 42 grain leg capable of up to 15K BPH, sectioned out to see the motor, drive, bearings, head sharf, head wheel, lagging, belt and cups.  Shown with a service platform, to access all componets of the head section. 15K BPH Chain Drag Conveyor, sectioned out to see the 81X chian along with sporcket, shaft and head bearings.  Drag is sitting in a 8' X 10' service platform at the end of a 5' open handrail truss catwalk.

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