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Commercial Grain Elevator

Commercial Designs:
Grain elevator designs vary depending on the amount of grain your business processes. You can choose from a wide variety of moving grain throughout your facility, by changing the equipment you already have, or by adjusting the BPH your equipment can handle.  Let us help you by coming up with a solution to your problems, either it be New Storage, or a Renovation, or as simple as adding a piece of equipment to help your location run more efficient.

Bucket Elevators - Distributors - Conveyors - Towers - Catwalks - Cleaners/Scalpers - Bulk Weighers - New Storage - Automated Systems


20K BPH Receiving Leg  170' Discharge Height

20K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit

20" 6 Duct Flatback Distributor

14x14 Free Standing Support Tower 170' Tall w/ Switchback Stairs

20K BPH Fill Conveyors w/ Drop Through Conveyor Gates

6' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 260' Long

2-4x8 Free Standing Support Towers 132' Tall

2- GM 6000 Bushel Overhead Storage Tanks

3-78 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 425,498 Bushel Capacity Each

20K BPH Reclaim System to Feed Receiving Leg

20K BPH Receiving Leg 185' Discharge Height

20K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit "L" Style

20" 8 Duct SwingSet Distributor

16x24 Free Standing Support Tower 180' OAH

20K BPH Fill Conveyors

9' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 120' long

4-60 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 266,755 Bushel Capacity Each

30K BPH Reclaim Systems W/ Bypass Inlet under Center Sump

60K BPH Rail Loadout Scale

60K BPH Rail Leg 135' Tall

2- Square Overhead Loadout tanks 3820 Bushel capacity Each


15K BPH Receiving Leg 150' Discharge Height

15K BPH Double Dump Receiving Pit "L" Style 

18" 4 Duct Faltback Distributor

12x12 Free Standing Support Tower 150' Tall W/ Wrap Around Stairs

2- 6' Wide Open Handrail Truss Catwalk 100' Long

2- 4x8 Free Standing Support Tower 130' OAH

2-78 Dia Steel Storage Tanks 437,846 Bushel Capacity Each 

10K BPH Reclaim Conveyors W/ bypass Inlet under Center Sump 10 Degree Incline

6000 Bushel Overhead Steel Storage Tank